When you think of Siem Reap, the first thing that crosses your mind is the beautiful temples with great architecture, which spell the Khmer culture. A place which is serene, pleasant, friendly and full of positive vibes. There are a number of temples and museums in Siem Reap, but one which surely stands out is the Bayon Temple, which is located at the Angkor Complex in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Archeologists contemplate the date of the temple being built in the late 12th Century or the early 13th century. It is rich in the Khmer Culture and is built by the Mahayana Buddhist King, Jayavarman VII. It has a mix of mythological, archeological and historical artifacts.

The temple is built in a square shape with the main sculpture right at the centre of the square. The centre of the square is considered to be spiritual and is regarded as the intersection point of heaven and earth. The temple has stone faces of Bodhisattva and Avalokiteshvara. It has a number of smaller towers around the main sculpture, with faces of its own. The main sculpture is the mysterious smiling face, and is considered to be of Jayavarman VII himself. The beauty of the temple is deeply enhanced by eleven thousand carved figures running over a wall of 1.2 km. The carved faces of the Bayon Temple are what sets it apart from the other temples around itself. They are huge is size and are built is such a way that if feels like that the faces are looking at you. Some scholars believe that the faces are a symbol of Jayavarman VII, and considered as “Devaraja”. He also wants to portray to the people he rules that his eyes are always on them, and their problems would solved by the mysterious smiling faces. It is a must visit place, with an opportunity to have one of a kind experience.

For a lot of people, the visit to Siem Reap and its temples start and end at the Angkor Wat, but those who know about Bayon, which is located just a few kilometers away, do not miss out on experiencing some splendid beauty. The temple has many entrances. The south facing entrance is significant because of its long rows of both demons and deities over a snake. Its opens into a deep forest, and that is the time when you realize that real beauty lies in the wilderness.

The Bayon Temple is said to have been rebuilt several times by a number of other kings who ruled over the kingdom. It has been altered by other kings as per their demands, which brings the Bayon Temple to be extremely rich in Heritage and Culture of all time. It is said that two towers in the temple are added by each new king. This temple has a mystical edge over the others located in or around the same area.

Bayon is spectacularly built and sometimes comes across like a maze. It opens up to narrow spaces by small staircases and takes you to different areas. While visiting the Bayon Temple in a group, it is important for everyone to stay together. You never know when you might get lost in between the magnificent walls of the temple. It is also believed that there were rooms for Buddhists and local deities, but they were demolished by the future kings. Siem Reap being famous for its resorts, has a number of good resorts for tourists near the Bayon Temple as well luxury family vacation rental via airbnb.

Here are a few travel tips that you should keep in mind while visiting the Bayon Temple. It is always better to pre plan your tour to the temple. Either you should book a private car, or you should take one of the many tours organized for a visit to the temple. Do carry a little bit to eat, since the visit might take longer than you gaze in the beginning. Carrying a pair of sunglasses on your visit to the Bayon is a must. It is extremely sunny, especially during the summers. You should never forget to carry your camera, as you might get a lot of opportunities to click some splendid pictures in and around the Temple. The beauty of the place is mesmerizing and it can leave an ever lasting impression in your mind.