Floating Villages of Cambodia: Information & Description

If you have travelled to Cambodia then you will be aware about the floating villages present there? But if have travelled to Cambodia and didn’t visit the floating villages than obviously you gain nothing from that tour. The landscape of Cambodia and the Angkor are not only the place to visit in Cambodia while you didn’t visited to these floating villages, when you want to go out there you will feel like a heaven around you and that makes your soul and body very relaxing while you are walking on the water with help of a boat.

What are the main features of floating villages?

Well the floating villages of Cambodia are like something scenery presentation of the nature; you will say wow after visiting this wonderful place. So if you want to know much about the special that the floating villages hold than point out the given assumptions about the Cambodia floating village:

Atmosphere and weather:

The best feature of any tourist place is the weather conditions and the climate that the place holds, having green trees and rivers surrounding the floating village area seem like a picture that is made up with taking all the beauty of the nature. A person who is visiting first time to these floating villages will feel something special.

Population and number of villages:

While you are meeting the floating villages it is essential for you to read some of the main things about that particular space, by an experience of a visitor who had already visited to this place we are providing you a detailed information about their population and number of villages. There are almost seven villages that are located on the Tunel Sap lake of Cambodia having nearly 5,800 peoples who are living on Cambodia floating village or villages.

Working or job of the peoples of floating villages:

The peoples living on the floating villages of Cambodia are mostly the fisherman’s who runs their houses by catching fish and selling them in their market. But they do this job illegally because the government of Cambodia has made several rules regarding the fish catching. So basically the fishes are the main source of income for the peoples living there.

Floating Chong Kneas village of Cambodia:

This is one of the best villages present in the concept of floating villages; there are so many reasons to say that. One of them is that it seems like a normal town in any city having schools colleges and restaurants but having a difference that they are on water. All the daily routine requirements for a person to survive are available there so you can feel like home because you will get all you’re required thing at this place.

What about the Water present there?

Water is as compulsory for a person as does the breadth taking is necessary, so this question will make you worry? Be calm because the water used there for drinking is much pure and clean so if you are visiting there then doesn’t ever worry about the drinking water concept.