Cambodia Scenery & Environment

If you are looking to go for a trip to a place who can give you one of the best natural views then undoubtedly Cambodia is the place you should visit. It is located on the international borders of several countries like Vietnam, Thailand in the Southeast Asia region. Before making a plan for that trips you should have the basic idea of about what specialty that Cambodia have? Or what are the most likely features of Cambodia and how kind of weather is there. You will also be agreeing that Cambodia is a great place to visit because:

Specialties of Cambodia:

Cambodia is the place where you can see all the natural views of nature; Cambodia is widely famous for their great lakes, several huge rivers and the size of their landscape. Before going there you should have the knowledge about their geographical conditions, area size and the best places to visit there. Here we are presenting some of the basic and important features of Cambodia landscape.

Area size and Weather:

Many of us already know about the geographical conditions of Cambodia and where the place is located. Cambodia is located in the Southeast Asia region of the Asia whose boundaries are shared with a lot of countries, in the north bordered Laos. Similarly Thailand to northwest, in east the boundaries are touching the Vietnam and Thailand to southwest.


The Cambodia is a large landscape located in the south Asia region whose area size is almost about 181,035 square kilometers. It is a huge land in whole the world having possibly the best natural views.


We always want to visit a place whose weather conditions should be pleasant for us so that we can enjoy our trip too much and can experience a good journey. Cambodia has a monsoon climate that session runs from May to November, The weather of the country fairly remains constant but in some of the places the winter session is heavy. In short the Cambodia has a pleasant weather that can give you a relaxing and suitable weather for the travelling.

Features of Cambodia:

Well before visiting a place like Cambodia the traveller always wants to point out the specialties of the destination he is visiting. By reading general brief points about Cambodia you can understand the topmost features of Cambodia:


The mountains present in the Cambodia are not so much high because of their geographical conditions. The mountain having highest peak in the Cambodia is Cardamom Mountain whose height is almost about 1, 772 meters.


The rivers of Cambodia are like the jewelry for them simply they look makes Cambodia much beautiful and well decorated. The Mekong river Basin is the most beautiful river of the country, and Tonal Sap Lake is also a central part of the country.The gulf of Thailand of Cambodia landscapeis connected to the Indian Ocean.


Lightweight clothing is always suitable for the conditions of Cambodia because of their weather and the climate that gives you the freedom to enjoy the place without wearing heavy clothes.