Are you planning to travel to the mystic land of Cambodia? Well, if you are done and set then one of the most important aspect that you must have forgotten and this isannoying mosquitoes who can easily make you sick during the visit.

Malaria and Dengue are life threating aliments and it is needless to mention that it can turn out to be fatal and at times when you are in new environment, then it becomes was more difficult for the immune system of the body to fight of the infection in the blood that is caused by the mosquito bite.

Both Malaria and Dengue is caused by the femalemosquito’s bite and there are some high risk areas where the chances of gettingmalaria is very high. It is needles to mention that none of us wants to fall sick on trips. It is important to take some precautionary measure so that you can prevent one and loved one from the Dengue fever Cambodia.

It is common to see that there are drugs that vouch to protect but one must avoid such medication, as they have the negative impact on the body and it is also not sure whether the accrediting companies are approving them. One of the best ways is to take the precautionary measure so that you can easily safe guard yourself from this life threating illness.

Precautionary measure for protection of Dengue!

  • Wear full sleeves cloth as the mosquito of dengue bites on the open and exposed part of the body, so try to cover all the exposed part in order to save you from the little bug.
  • Try to avoid going out in the open area, mosquitoes of dengue bites in evening time. Wear light colour clothing as the mosquitoes are attracted by the dark shades.
  • Make use of the repellents, coils and net so that you can easily ward them off from your proximity.
  • Warm and humid temperature is breeding ground for the dengue insect thus, it becomes much more important to maintain the low temperature so that you there is not the ideal condition themosquitoes to breed.
  • Avoid perfumed toiletries.

These are few tips that you need to keep in mind as this would help you to protect yourself and loved ones from dengue and this is why it becomes important to carry things with you so that you are sure that you can enjoy the trip without any illness.

Now that you are armed up on how to save yourself from dengue fever Cambodia, it is important to follow the precaution as well so that you stay in the pink of health during the visit. Apart from that it is important to be well of the initial symptoms that you might see during the incubation period and this is why it becomes way more important to be alert and mindful so that you can seek the medical attention as early as possible for the right treatment.