Most of the Cambodians dress up casually except attending the formal events. The lightweight, loose fitting and cotton and long sleeves clothes are included in their clothing for protection against mosquitoes and the sun. The people of the Cambodia commonly wear karmas that are just like a piece of cloth and a long, marrow checked cotton cloth round their neck. An umbrella is considered more convenient then a rain coat during rainy season. There are three silk textiles in Cambodia. The pattern on the clothes is made by natural and synthetic fiber.

Traditional Cambodian wear:

Cambodian men typically wear either cotton or silk shirt with short sleeves. With this they also wear cotton trousers. The Cambodian women wear a sarong which is a long fabric piece commonly wrapped around the waist and worn by both men and women.

The Sampot is Cambodia’s national clothing. It has many similarities with other countries in the region but always remain a unique part of Cambodian heritage. The sampot they wear measure 5 to 6 feet long and each end is sewn together. The origin of the samput is having in Funan Era. In that era, a Khmer king ordered his people to wear sampot at the behest of Chinese diplomats.

Generally the upper and middle class women wore the sampotchangkben. It is usually 9 feet long and 3 feet wide. The way to wear sampot is first wrap it around the waist and pull from body and then the knot is tied. The knot is drowning between the legs and held by a belt. In the present days, all classes’ women wore it on any special occasion. The sampotphamuong is another Cambodian textile. In sampotphamoung there are 52 colors used. To construct the fabric 22 needles are used by the constructor. In usual it has floral and geometrical motifs.

The sampothol is another type of national Cambodian clothing which always comes in two varieties and one of them is wrapping skirt which uses a customary technique and another one is twill weave. In a twill weave skirt different colors are involve on each side of the cloth. The sampothol dress is influenced by the Indian patola silk cloth.

A karma scarf distinguishes Cambodian clothing dress from surrounding countries like Laos and Vietnam. Although a primarily rural resource the urban Cambodian uses them as well. You can see a lot of karma being sold at the central market.

What should a visitor wear?

As in other countries, in Cambodia different occasions require appropriate clothing. The visitors of the Cambodia should aware about the typical dresses used in several social circumstances. At the temples, no scanty clothing should be worn out of courtesy for devotee. The tourist also cannot go shirtless or shorts and other offensive dress. In the temple, Cambodian wear properformal clothing and they also remove their hat and shoes in the temple. Cambodian clothing is unique and you can see the influence of the Chinese in their clothing which make the whole history interesting.