Siem Reap Tour: Precautions before vising there

As we already aware of Cambodian tourist places then the siem reap tour is also not unknown for us, the tour of Cambodia cam give you one of the better experience of your life but you should have be aware of the precaution’s that you should have to follow before visiting there. The floating villages of Cambodia are always eye pleasing for a viewer because of the siem reap, you should have be aware of the tourist traps in siem reap. But this is not so easy rather you have to follow the given tips:

Precautions before visiting Siem Reap:

A person who takes care of the small things like searching about the good tourist company, who deals with a reliable and trustworthy company can never be trapped. The thief’s are everywhere they can be in the form of Tourist Company also so being aware while you are visiting to a place like Cambodia. Here we are offering you the compulsory precaution’s before going to Floating Market Siem Reap or to the Cambodian floating villages.


Before going anywhere the first and the main thing that makes your trip completed is the currency, without taking money or without knowing about the currency details of the visiting nation you can be in danger for sure. Before going to siem reap make yourself familiarize with how the local currency of the Cambodia works, the currency used there is US dollar, price on the items will be quoted as in dollars.

Be aware of the Cheaters out there in Siem Reap:

Before doing any kind of shopping or visiting a tour of the lake be aware from some of the fraud agents present there, they seems to be very humble but they aren’t. They can take double price of a single thing and can stole your purse or bag so be aware from these kind of peoples because you can be in a very serious danger by doing a small mistake.

City Gems:

The word is not so heard but it’s essential for us to take a notice about that, as Cambodia is known for their precious stones like ruby and sapphire a Person who is going to buy those stones should have the general sense of purchasing. The stones you are buying can be the normal stones that are colored for making the buyer fool.

Floating market of Siem Reap:

Be aware while you are going for a ride on the boat because generally there are two kinds of boats available for the boating, the decision is always on you to choose the right one. If you are new to the Floating Market Siem Reap then it will be difficult for you to choose the correct one? Wait choose the one that we are suggesting:

  • Instead of choosing a cost worthy boat who provides you tourist guide along, choose the riverboat for the riding.
  • So be careful and aware when you are visiting to place like siem reap or floating villages of Cambodia.