Kbal Spean a place at Cambodia

Cambodia is a popular for their beautiful temples, magnificent architecture and synonyms to well preserved ruins. Kbal Spean is a place of Cambodia at Kulen Hills which is located near Banteay Srei. Visitors who travel there enjoy the stunning waterfall and rock pools. In addition to the carving there are also a variety of fauna at Kbal Spean.

The name of Kbal Spean is latterly meaning “bridge head” in Khmer. The name comes from a natural sandstone rock bridge over the Kbal Spean River. The coolest and most famous place to visit the Kbal Spean is Phnom Kulen and they both are situated in the Phnom Kulen National Park. It is the place where you can see lot of attractions on the way. Within the Banteay Srei region you can found great attraction and amazing things. The Kbal Spean is also referred as River of Thousand Lingas, so lingas are most visible there after the rainy season ends and when the water level of the river is quite low. The main thing of interest in this site is a series of stone carving in the river bed of yonis and lingas as they are tribute to the Hindu God, Shiva.

What are the documents need to go Cambodia?

To go for Cambodia trip, you need a passport and visa. The visa is valid for usually 90 days and it is approved from the Cambodian Ministry of Affair. Cambodia offer several visa types to the visitors of the country from which the tourist and business visa the most common. In the present days, you can also get e-visa from different online visa processing agencies that provide correct document on affordable prices. If you want to stay more then you have to pay additional fee for the extended time.

Best time to visit

Every season is good to visit there. There are a lot of trees and this will make the Kbal Spean area cool and attractive. You can avoid going in hot season because the temperature is too high and not good for bush walking. During the wet season the jungle is lush and water is running strongly which make it hard to see the lingas. If you go there then you should visit in the morning to get the most out of your day.

There are two options to visit Kbal Spean


42 km northern of the Siem Reap town which is about an hour or so you can drive by Tuk Tuk which is a nice way to experience the countryside. Going to this route, you will have to need a valid Angkor pass to get the trail to Kbal Spean.

Via Phnom Kulen National Park

You can take a car to go via Phnom kulen National Park. It will take around one to two hours and you can ask your driver to stop at the Kbal Spean and explore a little by allow you to walk and then you can carry on to Phnom Kulen waterfalls.