Khmer clothing style

Like every country has their different kind of outfit styles same way the Cambodian people will also do wears their clothes according to their religion and past. The outfits or clothes of Cambodian people are usually known as Khmer clothing, the word Khmer stand up for the Cambodian outfit or clothing. It simply refers to the costume worn by the Khmer society and form the older time to the present time. Sampot not much known to us but it is the national dress code or cloth for the peoples of Cambodia who are wearing that from older time to till now.

Type of clothing in Cambodia:

The peoples of Cambodia usually dress up more in casual clothes but some of the casts or society of Cambodia do wear the various kind of outfits that are not so much known for us, so if we want to know about the clothing fashion in Cambodia then we can read the following details about their clothing in the section Cambodian dress given as:

Fabrics or Textiles:

The Cambodian people do give reference to textile kind of clothes to wear as compared to the western countries; there are several silk textiles available in the Cambodia. They includes chong-kiet known as ikat silks, twill patterned silks or the weft ikat textiles in their dressing or outfit, After involving these silks items they prefer to wear that kind of outfit for long time of session.

Sampot clothing:

Many of us didn’t know about Sampot but actually the Sampot is the national garment for the population or peoples of the Cambodia, by knowing this thing you also can understand that Sampot is very important cloth for the Cambodian people as it is their national garment. The design of Sampot is similar to the clothes worn by the neighborhood countries of Cambodia, but they are not so much similar they have the difference between them.

Variations of Sampot:

There is various kind of Sampot clothing available in Cambodia; each verity is divided according to the social classes of Cambodia. The typical Sampot clothes are worn by the low class of society and the peoples who belong to lower cast from men to women will always wear the typical Sampot made for their social class.

Traditional Sampot:

The peoples of Cambodia who belongs to a high class will wear the clothes or Sampot clothes that are much traditional for the country. They always will wear the traditional Sampot specially designed for them so a people who didn’t belong to a social high class don’t have the rights to wear the traditional Sampot Cambodian clothes.

Tops worn:

There are a lot of tops or skirts also available for the peoples of Cambodia , according to them those were manufactured during the Khmer empire.

Khmer scarf or Kroma:

Last but not the least many important outfits of Cambodian dress style known widely as kroma or Khmer scarf worn by the peoples of Cambodia. The scarf is made up of cotton or silk and much fashionable outfit for the Cambodian country.