Cambodian New Year: Khmer

When we hear that word many of us are going to think about what that is? Well if you have studied about Cambodia and also about their festival sand holidays then you can the meaning of this word that is simply related to the Cambodian holiday. If you are curious to know about Khmer then you should have to read the following general details that is given below, like all of us the Cambodian peoples also celebrates their local new year who is known as Khmer. Following are the general details about the Cambodian New Year as follows:

What is Khmer?

Well as mentioned earlier the population of Cambodia celebrates some of the days of their year in the form of Khmer. The world is taken from the Khmer language of Cambodia that simply means “Enter New Year”. The Cambodian people’s enjoys so many vacations but the Khmer is the most important holiday for them, they enjoys this day so much because it covers almost three days of a week. The Khmer New year is like festival for the Cambodian peoples to gather with family, friends and their community.

Duration and time:

Now if we know about the Khmer then the next question arises in our mind is that on which time of the year they celebrates this festival or how much days they will take to celebrate this kind of new year? Well the festival is celebrated almost about three days of a week and peoples of there do something different every day of the festival.


The Cambodian New Year is like a special program or event for the peoples of Cambodia, the festival is celebrated over the three days’ time which starts around about the 13th April or 14th April.

Reason for this celebration:

The Khmer New yearis very much crucial for the peoples of Cambodia because when the farmers do enjoy the fruits of their labor before the beginning of the rainy session. The farmers enjoy the services of their labor in these three days before they are waiting for the rainy session to begin. The starting of the rainy session of Cambodia begins from these three days so they do celebrate this day as a New Year.

What are the three days of Khmer New Year?

After knowing detailed information about the Khmer New yearyou will also want to know about what are the names of these days? Or what they signify about so here is brief information about the three days of Cambodian New Year. Starting from the first day that is known as maha-sangkran it is the ending of the year and beginning of New Year. The remaining two of the days are called as virak-vanabat and loeang-sak respectively.

Dress-code for the Festival:

On every festival we wear different kind of costume according to the theme of the festival so does the Cambodian peoples does. Sround-preh known as pouring water is also taken as the dress or costume of the festival, by knowing these facts you can understand about the Khmer.