Khmer Marriage information and process:

When it comes about wedding or marriage those words are known to everyone and the wedding is always a festival for the society, peoples get come together meets and enjoy the wedding in a different manner. The Khmer marriage is also an important event for a Khmer family who plans this festival and enjoys it form three days of a week to the whole weak. This marriage is full of joy colors and happiness lights that give much pleasure to the Khmer family; this entire concept is related to Buddha’s period.

History about Khmer marriage:

According to some of the old books and evident The Khmer wedding process or festival is related to Buddha’s time period , it do puts the ancient Khmer wedding rules get together and perform the wedding. From beautiful decoration to musicians everyone is invited to be a part of this wedding and they do perform a great performance for this special wedding.

Costumes for bride:

Like in every wedding function the bride should have to look much prettier than the others so the same process is being followed in Khmer wedding in which the bride do looks charming and beautiful. The bride will change her dress after a time period and will wear different outfits according the ceremony performed. If the wedding is long like for a week then she has the freedom to choose the color of her dress according to her demand or choice.

Guests and invitation:

In a western wedding the guests are invited and so does the Khmer family will do, the guests are being invited via any of the medium. The guests of this wedding are taken highly noticeable as they are special and they are free to move means they can attend the whole wedding process or they can leave the wedding whenever they want.

Importance of Monks:

The families of bride and groom do invites five or seven monks for giving some blessings to the new forming couple. The invited peoples or the present peoples should have to remain silent during when the monks are giving blessing to the couple, it is certainly important for you to understand the importance of this moment.

Sanitize Ceremony:

Before the next weeding process this kind of ceremony is performed in Khmer wedding, if you are thinking what is that? Then read the following lines carefully. The singers do sing some songs for the couple and the dancers do perform various dance for the entertainment of the couple and for the invited peoples, this ceremony is all about music and dance, so importance of this ceremony do get much higher because it pleases the peoples involved in the wedding.

Honor for the parents:

During this special ceremony the bride do holds an umbrella over her mother simplifying that she will always be there for her parents. She promises her parents that she will always be a part of their family also after the wedding and she will play the protective role their family.