Siem Reap represents the beauty of art, culture, heritage and tradition of Cambodia. It has a number of temples, but there are a few which stand out because of their excellence. Many temples have something unique which makes them different from rest of the temples in Cambodia and even the world. One of the finest examples of such beauty is Ta Prohm Temple.

The Khmer King Jayavarman VII built Ta Prohm Temple in the late 12th century or the early 13th century. He had dedicated this temple to his mother and it was one of the first major temple projects that that century. We should thank the French naturalist, Henri Mouhot for discovering this temple in 1860, and giving us the opportunity to experience this splendid beauty of the Khmer dynasty. The temple is made in Bayon style and stands out because of its scenic beauty. In fact, it looks so beautiful that it has been used in the shooting of Hollywood movies like Tomb Raider. The site of Angelina Jolie being shot at the beautiful location is something that people have not yet forgotten and it is something because of which tourists love to visit this temple and click pictures exactly at the same location. UNESCO also took the liberty to mark Ta Prohm in the world heritage list in 1992.

Ta Prohm is actually the most beautiful ruin that was left in Siem Reap, nearly one kilometer away from Angkor Thom. It gave way to beautiful tress and is truly the capital of the Kingdom of the trees. It was not worked on much by the archeologists, other than just giving a passage for the tourists. There is a sense of calm and serene that the tourists feel when they visit the temple, and the best time to get the most out of your visit it early in the morning. Ta Prohm is left almost in the raw stage, with just a little bit of construction difference, which allows the tourists to get the exact feel of the Khmer culture. The most famous tree formulation of the temple is at the easternmost entrance pavilion and is called the crocodile tree. It is one of the places where tourists love to get pictures clicked. Amongst the remaining’s at the Ta Prohm, there was a Sanskrit carving, which said that site was home to a number of people. Some suggest that the numbers were to over exaggerate the dynasty of the king Jayavarman VII.

Ta Prohm is one of the largest and most magnificent temples of the Angkor complex, which makes it in the top list of must visit places for the tourists. It has 260 statues of Gods, 29 towers with pinnacles and 560 groups of residences. Almost 80,000 people were lived in the temple out of which 615 people were dancers for the entertainment section and around 2700 people were officials. One can imagine how huge the temple is, with this figure. If somebody wants to see the whole temple properly, they should surely keep a lot of time in hand.

The temple is so huge, that there is always a chance of getting lost in the jungle like place. There are dark passages which can scare a regular person. Staying with a tour guides, which a proper knowledge of the place is much advisable, especially if you have young kids with you. Tourists are also advised to carry torch; in case the place gets dark. To avoid such risks, people generally carry a compass and try to visit during the day light. The picture also come better in the day light, therefore it is a win win situation. Siem Reap is beautiful, but not so modern, therefore it is always advised to the tourists to wear converged clothes. It helps in no tanning, as well as avoiding the eye balls of the local people on you. Visiting the maze like corridors and the iconic trees gives the tourists a sense of fulfilment as they get to see one of a kind beauty. There are a number of private tours which take you for a visit to Ta Prohm. Spending around two hours amidst the jungle, is sufficient for a good visit.

In a nutshell, visiting this temple because of its trees, ancient ruins, stone pillars, carvings, jungle complex and beauty is a must. You are sure to create some amazing memories with your friends and family at this place.