It can be a hard task to navigate the rental market in Cambodia especially to a new person who does not know what to expect. However, the first step in finding a perfect residential place is to fully understand what you want, the property type and the standard price range.

1. Khmer style Shop-House

This is the most common property type and it’s easy to identify. It is built in there or four storey houses. It is normally 16 meters long and four meters wide. The walls have no windows and the entrance is generally located at the front or at the back of the apartment.

Bedrooms don’t have windows and incase they have they will be facing the interior of the house not the outside environment. The kitchen is normally very simple with just a sink, a burner gas and no cabinet storage. Bathrooms have no windows and separate showers but there are floor and ceiling tiles.

Generally, they are easy to find, unique and charming, cheap, few windows and at arrant kitchen. Their price ranges from $300 to $500 in the royal palace/riverside area and $250 to $400 in the Russian market and Olympic Stadium.

2. Renovated shop house

It can be harder to find and spot from the exterior side as they are constructed in the same manner as the Khmer style Shop house. The only difference is that the owners have renovated the interior side of the buildings. The main aim of the renovation is to make them look newer with updated lighting fixtures, new floors and added windows. Their buildings tend to have built in shelves and better air conditioning systems. The kitchen area is renovated with cabinets and newer appliances.

This house style is the perfect fit for foreigners who ought to have a comfortable life but are still on a tight budget. Owners are a bit friendly to please the visitors. Their prices range from $600 to $1000 in the royal and riverside areas and $400 to $600 in the Olympic Stadium and Toul Kouk.

3. Western apartment

A western apartment is not very specific and its styles vary with some being high storey buildings and others low walk up apartments. They are always new constructions with diverse layouts, enough natural light and windows in every room. Kitchens have a well installed cabinets and a built in cook top. The bathrooms are generally new with a window and a fully tiled space. Depending on the apartment, the bathroom may have or may not have separate bathtubs. The living room will be larger with better lighting fixtures and western furniture.

Services such as internet, water and cleaning services are included in the rent amount. The standard of these houses are generally high with better construction and tighter security. Parking for motorcycles and bicycles is available.

They are most preferred by foreign tenants who wish to make friends easily and socialize. Owners are more experienced and more strict on doing follow ups on the house maintenance. Their prices range from $600 to $1200 in the city center and $500 to $700 outside the city center.

4. Full time service apartments

Full time apartments are the best in the city. They have almost everything desired by many Cambodian visitors. Western style layouts, beautiful views, natural light, modern bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Services such as laundry, internet, cleaning, gym, swimming pool, car park, 24 hours security, and water are some of the available services.

There is an organized rent collection method and timeliness in the maintenance requests made by the tenants. The apartments are relatively larger with big families mostly living there. The apartment’s big sizes make it impossible to know your landlord or even your neighbors by their personal names. This is therefore the perfect place for the people who like privacy as well as the families who like extra comfort.

There price ranges between $1000 to $1500 in the city centers and $800 to $1000 outside the city centers.

For all the properties discussed above, the prices changes depending on the house size. For one bedroom apartments, two bedroom houses there can be a slight increase of $150 to $300 per bedroom. As Cambodia continues to grow in terms of buildings, the prices also continue to grow due to the high demand. Some owners do not raise their hose rents while others raise them periodically or depending on the tenant.

Many expats who have stayed in Cambodia for a long period of time can easily say that one can get a western style apartment at the cost of $200. This is possible but only in very few circumstances.

As just the same case in any place in the world you would wish to reside, taking time to find to make comparison and select the most suitable place pays a lot. The prices are reasonable by searching online even for those who don’t have enough time. In Cambodia, the most expensive areas are Phnom Penh right by the river. The prices is slightly cheaper in Siem Reap but overtime catching up as well due to its biggest tourists destination the Angkor Wat temple.

5. How much does it cost to live in Cambodia?

The country’s capital city recently widened its international airport and bus stations to make it the best destination in the Asian region. Other than the cost of paying the rent, it’s good to calculate other costs that must be incurred. They include the cost of food, transport costs and even entertainment costs. There are many activities that take place in the Cambodia such as film showings, street fair, live music, restaurant openings, and athletic tournaments that can drain you financially if you don’t plan well. Out of the above four discussed apartment types, choose one that fits your pocket and you will enjoy your Cambodia vacation.

Do your homework well and give the place trial run before deciding to move in there and rent an apartment. If you have limited funds, this is probably the best bargain area in Asia.