Terms and conditions

If you are planning to make your way to any tourist destination of your choice, you can now enjoy and experience the full pleasure from your vacation with amazing accommodations by simply using Vacation Rental Siem Reap (VRSR) for bookings.

Designed and complimented with bounteous premium properties, VRSR assists you in making direct bookings to various popular tourist destinations and ensuring you have an unforgettable vacation.

Nonetheless, carefully go through the terms and conditions as outlined below with respect to the use of VRSR together with the stated liability limitations and concern resolutions through arbitration to get insight and assess whether they specify all terms of typical legal agreements.

License for using the Website

We normally welcome all our clients to sign up on our digital platforms. As a user, you have complete mandate to not only access our website but also subsequently check and verify availability of various accommodations as offered by our website without any restrictions.

Apart from ours being a certified website, it stands out from the rest of the completion principally due to its ability to inspire warm hospitality which is ultimately unmatched.

Restrictions and Acceptable access

It is important that you carefully and thoroughly scheme through all our terms and conditions as outlined on our website. Moreover, ensure you also read through our exclusive private policy to get comprehensive insight on all acceptable provisions as we have outlined. The website is ONLY accessible to individuals who have attained the age of 18 years and above.

User Content

When seeking to access any of our products and services, you are required to key in your personal information including Your Name, Your Mobile Number, Home/Work Address, Credit Card information among other relevant details as required for verification by our website.

This user information is simply for contacting and billing purposes. Finally, it is important to note that our site will maintain full confidentiality of all your personal details and will keep the information private and not avail it for whatsoever other purposes.


In relation to traveling concerns, we issue no particular warranties whatsoever. Considering that this is a platform that offers a direct booking service allowing you full enjoy your vacations courtesy of the top-class accommodations, we, therefore, offer no warranty provisions.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation policy is 100 % refund (excluding 5 % fees) 3 weeks prior arrival, 50 % refund (excluding 5 % fees) 2 weeks prior arrival, non-refund 1 week prior to arrival"

Limitations of Liability:

We are not in any way accountable for the overall safety of any of your products or belongings. Moreover, if you subsequently cause damage or harm to any property around your vacation area, then the responsibility is solely yours with respect to the damages.

As such, take particular care especially with the outlined terms and conditions. We will not take a deposit, full payment upon booking, damage to any rental/home/equipment etc will be charged a minimum of ($) plus the costs of the items/rental/home/equipment.

Other Parties:

In general, some details as provided to us by the client needs to be subsequently disclosed to some third parties for various essential reasons. These third parties may include insurance firms, property owners among other vendors. Nonetheless, sensitive details such as passwords and credit card information are highly protected and encrypted.

Prior to booking and consequently providing personal details, it is important you ensure that you carefully examine and go through all the policies and provisions as offered by the other involved parties. It is important and of course obligatory to have a proper understanding of the policies as outlined by other websites and parties prior to booking.


Our firm offers you exclusive protection against whatever possible loss or damage that may occur in the course of your vacation. Moreover, we also fully compensate you for any funds and costs you may have incurred with respect to the occurrence of the damages. As such, you can sit tight and take pleasure in your retreat without any concerns or fears.

Entire Agreement:

We offer you an Entire Agreement that is outwardly simple and easy to understand and you will surely benefit significantly from us. Typically, the Entire Agreement we provide is a comprehensive web portal which is precisely designed to avail to you amazing and premium quality of vacation rental related services you are in search of. The purpose of our all inclusive agreement is to ensure that you feel both free and safe to fully benefit from and enjoy your retreat and vacations.


There are numerous service providers and firms all promising to ensure that you have the best vacation experience. Nonetheless, only a few if any can rival our quality of services and the rate of expediency. With us, there is no question about you having a wonderful retreat time.

Why? We offer you accommodations that will definitely warm your heart. Our pillows and beds are amazingly comfortable and the rooms are exceptionally beautiful with amazing views not to forget services that ensure you have an unforgettable time out.

Registrations and Authorizations:

You can fully enjoy and take pleasure in your vacations by simply availing registrations together with its respective terms and conditions. You can make use of our web portal to check the number and type of accommodations available for booking through utilizing its digital platforms

The authorizations of our website are perfectly safeguarded and private with password protection and encryptions. Additionally, some particular details are availed to concerned third parties.

Our web portable is designed to assist you effectively, easily and successfully make direct bookings and to a vacation spot of your choice which offers you the full excitement and convenience like you desire.

If the terms and conditions of our website are not known to you, simply peruse and go through all the policies and conditions as outlined above carefully and you will surely have a wonderful experience since not only does it eased your work, but with its extra touches, it perfectly replicates the warmth and convenience that makes you feel as though you are in the comfort of your home.

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